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InBeauty Consulting

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Ready for a turbo-charged tutorial that spills the tea on mastering Amazon, QVC/HSN, or teaming up with a beauty-specific 3PL?  Hold onto your makeup brushes, because we're diving deep into the whirlwind worlds of PR, social media, field sales, and education! Who's on first? Let's untangle that web together!

Navigating the "who, what, and when" of hiring can be a maze, but fear not! Our bite-sized session is your roadmap to assembling the dream team and forging those backstage relationships that'll skyrocket you into prestige retail and luxury spa stardom.

But wait, there's a cherry on top! Not only will we spill some game-changing operational secrets, but we're also rolling out the red carpet to introduce you to our handpicked, vetted resources that are absolute gems in the industry. Get ready to level up!

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