Collective Beauty Brains are better than one!

Meet Tracy Aschenbrenner, the visionary founder who realized that success in the beauty industry wasn't just about diving into new distribution—it was about the journey. Along the way, teaming up with her spa-savvy BFF, they sensed a greater need: to educate brands before, during, and after takeoff! With her independent consulting venture, IN Beauty, Tracy decided it was time to assemble Collective Beauty Brains. Together, they're unveiling a comprehensive approach that not only readies brands for the long haul but also empowers brands through knowledge while guiding clients straight to their dream destinations. But wait, there's more! Tracy's passion doesn't end with her groundbreaking initiatives. She's lighting up the path for budding brands with a limited-year-long Emerging Brand Mentorship Program, pouring her heart and expertise into nurturing the next wave of industry trailblazers. Join the beauty revolution where brains meet brilliance, and let's make your journey in the beauty world nothing short of fabulous!


Our Network

IN Beauty Consulting has mastered the enchanting dance of pairing vibrant, trailblazing beauty brands with the crème de la crème of retailers in the U.S. Clients who journey with IN Beauty and Collective Beauty Brains unlock unparalleled growth avenues, thanks to our expansive distribution network tailored to echo their brand ethos and extensive customizable services. Here, our esteemed partners resonate with our core values—embodying a harmonious blend of quality, luxury, holistic living, unparalleled customer service, and a steadfast commitment to planetary well-being. Ready to elevate your brand to new heights? We're not just here to guide you; we're rolling up our sleeves to offer hands-on support and a treasure trove of resources, making your success our ultimate mission. Poke around—and let us know if you don’t see a service you need. Chances are we have a resource we can recommend.

We are here to give your business hands-on support and abundant resources.

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