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InBeauty Consulting

Emerging Brand Mentorship Program

Step into the spotlight and ignite your beauty brand's journey with IN Beauty’s dazzling 12-month mentorship program!

Imagine a tailor-made adventure, meticulously designed to sculpt your brand's destiny or reignite that sizzling spark of your original vision!

We're on a mission, meticulously navigating the beauty landscape, handpicking a select circle of visionary founders and brands fueled by passion, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to their brand's soulful essence.

So, what's the secret sauce?  We curate our elite circle based on a magical blend of dedication, creativity, mission alignment, insatiable curiosity, and an unstoppable drive to overcome obstacles that dare to sidetrack that initial vision. These are the brave brands echoing our "Learn vs. Leap" mantra!

In a world where big budgets often steal the spotlight, we're here to champion the underdogs! This isn't just a lifeline for the budget-conscious; it's your golden ticket to mastering the beauty industry's intricate dance, even on a shoestring budget!

But wait, there's more! This isn't just a program; it's the heart and soul poured into a heartfelt giveback to a community cherished dearly. Amidst a staggering sea of 12,000 new beauty and wellness brands emerging annually, consider us your trusty compass, guiding you not only to survive but to THRIVE!

Ready to discover the magic of the EMERGING BRAND MENTORSHIP PROGRAM?

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