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Get Stocked

Not quite ready for the industry behemoths?  Or do you simply have the desire to build out your account strategy beyond your current distribution?  We have the perfect solution that GETS YOU STOCKED in a cost-effective way.

Here we have done all the work for you and compiled a Nationwide list of Accounts that you can go after at your own pace.

That’s right!  You don’t have to try and find prospects one-by-one via Google because we have a healthy list of Accounts ready for you. These Accounts stock beauty products, tools, accessories, and anything in between. The “Get Stocked” list contains opportunities we or other colleague beauty friends have worked with. We scrub the list once a year to make sure it’s as current as possible.  What type of accounts are they you ask? The “Get Stocked” list can range from “clean” beauty accounts, boutiques, day spas, apothecaries, salons, eComm, wellness/medi, independents, giftable and some are category specific i.e., parent & child destinations. Many have multiple locations too!

Sound Interesting? GET STOCKED by filling in the form below and we will get in touch within 48 business hrs EST.

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