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InBeauty Consulting

Brand Champion

Brand Champions have sought out expertise for our exclusive 8-point product trial review and feedback process. This distinctive product trial regimen is deeply embedded with our HIT principles - Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency

Each brand undergoes a meticulously crafted product performance evaluation, accompanied by insightful recommendations. This is not just a sniff test!  It’s a comprehensive assessment that spans packaging, formulation, texture, and efficacy under various conditions, both with and without makeup, and on different body/skin types. It's an honest evaluation of what's hot or not! We furnish data with unwavering integrity, sourced from reliable outlets such as NPD, Statista, our expansive network, and even Amazon. Transparency is our cornerstone. We openly communicate launch timelines, indispensable pitching essentials, and opportune windows to introduce categories. Brand Champions, we feature only those brands that wholeheartedly embrace our recommendations and integrate them into their strategies. For deeper insights into these remarkable founders and their brands, we invite you to explore the subsequent section.

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