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InBeauty Consulting

Brand Showcase

We understand the challenges for brands to capture the attention of potential buyers in the competitive beauty and wellness industry. With a staggering 12,000 new beauty and wellness brands entering the market each year, the task of catching the interest of a beauty buyer becomes a daunting task for some founders. We believe we found the solution after a year-long journey steeped in education with start-up brands.

Introducing our Brand Showcase! An exclusive buyer portal featuring brands that put in the work to make the cut so they can make a lasting impression on you, the buyer.

Our Brand Showcase has committed to “Learn vs. Leap“ ahead of a brands distribution expansion journey. Each brand recognizes the significance of understanding the nuances of each Account, spanning from margins to marketing strategies. This profound comprehension empowers the brand to effectively expand its business operations at a pace that matches internal budgets. At 2BB’s, we engage in collaborative efforts with brands even before the optimal pitch and launch, ensuring brands are primed for success. Just as our network of accounts is diverse and unparalleled, each brand possesses its individuality which craves to be seen, hence Brand Showcase.

How do brands make the cut you ask? Each brand has undergone our coveted 2-Day Industry Revelation plus the rigorous 8-Point evaluation of 2 Beauty Brains. This virtual session embodies everything a brand founder needs to know spanning margins, buyer expectations, marketing programs, training, and more! Our proven 8-point evaluation is more than just a sniff test, we review packaging, formulation, topography, efficacy, and more.

By joining our Brand Showcase, you will review many elevated brand's all in one place knowing we have vetted them extensively. Their established credibility adds an alluring dimension, compelling you to explore and cultivate a sense of trust in these brands with your valued customers. All that's required is your unique buyer code.

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