Introducing Ameva

Introducing Ameva! AMEVA proudly leads the way as the first brand to harness the incredible power of Mevalonic Acid, a key ingredient in a topical skincare solution at a meaningful level that is produced by a sustainable, carbon-negative process.

Notably, Ameva prides itself on using only 15 ingredients – a testament to their commitment to clean and effective formulations. Ameva’s dedication to sustainability extends to upcycling in both plant-based manufacturing and agricultural by-products.

Our debut offerings, the Multi Potent Serum and Skin Activating Moisturizer with Mevalonic Acid, come in refillable packaging, furthering our commitment to eco-friendliness.

As we seek the perfect launch partner, our focus remains on developing an impressive pipeline of new products and digital campaigns.

Join us on this exciting journey with Ameva, where innovation and sustainability meet to innovate skincare.

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